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Historic Waterfront Restaurant ● Tavern ● Hotel

The GillHouse may be the most recognized landmark in Henderson Harbor.

The GillHouse was originally established in 1813, as The Frontier house by Great Lakes shipping caption John S. Warner.

Several additions expanded the original structure, including a boathouse that was moved up from the waters edge, to the south side of the current building to create more hotel rooms.

Henderson Harbor was a prospering resort town in the late 1800’s and the GillHouse flourished.

The restaurant enjoyed a solid reputation for outstanding dining, local seafood and gracious accommodations.

Under numerous ownerships and economic influences in the country, the establishment went thru various cycles, storied tragedies, legal struggles and deferred maintenance until finally closing in 2015.

Steven Vollmer, a Syracuse native (now seasonal Henderson resident) who spent many a summer as a child visiting the GillHouse and local areas, purchased the property in late 2020.  After a career in architecture, he has worked with a passionate team of designers, and contractors to completely restore and reimagine the GillHouse back to a legacy property for future generations. 

Now working with the best, dedicated, seasoned professionals around him, the GillHouse is once again poised to become a beacon for gracious hospitality on the eastern shores of Lake Ontario.